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Dining at Dolphin Beach

Alankuda beach / Kalpitiya

Our cuisine is refreshingly cosmopolitan.

Our specialities are Sri Lankan and Italian. Home made fresh pastas and wood fired pizzas are on offer. The restaurant prides itself on offering cuisines "fresh daily" and only the freshest and finest ingredients are sourced.

The restaurant within close proximity to the sea together with candle lighting offers an ambience of romance or dine outside under the stars. Our staff will work tirelessly to deliver the ultimate holiday dining experience.

Dining at
Bar Reef

Alankuda beach / Kalpitiya

Traditional wood fire cooked Sri Lankan cuisine infused with organic spices offers a ‘taste of traditional Sri Lankan cuisine’.

In addition to our specialisation on Sri Lankan food we have other options available such as Vegetarian and Vegan. Our a la carte menu is second to none.

Dining on the beach is a specialty of Bar Reef. Theme nights such as Barbeque, Sri Lankan etc and set menus carefully selected will provide you with wonderful memories of this unique dining experience. Don’t miss out on this experience on full moon nights.

Dining at

Alankuda beach / Kalpitiya

Indulge the senses with an awesome dining experience against the backdrop of the Indian Ocean and a carefully curated daily menu.

Our kitchen utilises the best of local and seasonal produce to serve a range of Udekki favourites, Sri Lankan delights, and the freshest of seafood.

Kitchen on demand is what the Udekki kitchen is all about. We are there to serve you just about anything your palate desires. Our selection of seafood includes fresh prawns, calamari and a range of freshly caught fish. Mud crab and lobster needs to be ordered 24 hrs in advance to ensure it's fresh and meets our highest standards.

Dining at
Bentota No 1

Bentota beach

The specialty cuisine of Bentota No 1 are Sri Lankan and Seafood.

Our chef will help guide you through your decision to indulge in these mouth-watering delights. An a la carte menu will help you to make your decision. Private dining within your villa is an option. Dine in or dine out. Breakfast on the lawn is available on request.  

Our range of seafood includes prawns, calamari and freshly caught tropical sea fish. Order your crabs and lobster at least 24 hrs in advance to ensure its freshness. Barramundi, Trevaley, Mullet, Grouper and Spanish Mackerel are highly recommended.

Dining at

Nuwara Eliya

Indulge your palate with our made-to-order Epicurean delights, crafted by our highly skilled in house chef and presented with flair.

Simply the freshest and finest ingredients are sourced offering the best produce and make their way into our kitchens which successively in typical white glove fashion is served to our discerning guests.

Nuwara Eliya is best known for its many farms and a wide range of vegetable growers. Talk to our chef and he will source the best of nuwara eliya to provide you an unforgettable culinary experience. Dine inside by our fireplace or outside with our flame heaters overlooking the lovely victoria lake. Breakfast on the lawn or verandah is a must do.