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In Alankuda beach / Kalpitiya

This tour is one of the best water safaris Sri Lanka has to offer. Your boat will take you across the pristine waters of the Lagoon in Kalpitiya towards the sand dunes and Salt Pans in the distance and into the mangroves and rivers.

The little fishing villages and local community living on the border of the Lagoon and the stretch between the lagoon and the mighty ocean will let you see the hard work the locals put in to earn their livelihood from the locally available natural resources. Small to the large scale fishermen share the same space in the lagoon. Shrimp farms which are a booming business in the Lagoon area of Kalpitiya can be observed from a distance.

For Nature lovers young and old the time spent on the boat will give you a delightful surprise of the eco system in the Lagoon. One can have a closer look at the diversity of Flora, Fauna, and endemic birds and common creatures to the area that make the Lagoon their habitat.