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Bentota Beach

Bentota located on the south coast of Sri Lanka was Sri Lanka's first developed tourist destination. Easily accessible by car or public transport. Well known for its beautiful long beach and river. Paradise Island is a narrow 3 km stretch of land bordering the beach and river. It is accessible by car and boat.

Along this famous stretch of beach are many hotels, Boutique hotels and holiday bungalows, villas. Just south of paradise island the coast is dotted with large hotels ranging from 5 star to 3 star.

The very first 5 star beach hotel was built here designed by the world famous architect Geofrey Bawa, it still operates and has been upgraded several times. What makes Bentota particularly special other than its fabulous beach is the bentara river which winds itself along the famed paradise island. Along this river bank are many smaller hotels and several water sports centers. Water sports include jet skiing, water skiing, towables, kayaking, windsurfing and many more. A visit to the mangroves on the river by boat is a wonderful way to experience our ecosystem and its vital role it plays.

On paradise island you can take a 20 minute helicopter or para motor ride and indulge on this most scenic area of sri lanka from the air. Where the river meets the sea is an ancient buddhist monastery which can be visited from time to time. A few kilometers from Bentota is the relatively large Beruwala fisheries harbour and the time to visit is in the morning when all the boats return. The hustle and bustle of a fish market is felt here. One should not miss the visit to the two famous gardens of Geoffrey and Bewis Bawa. The epitome of tropical gardens can be found and indulged in here.

two kilometer long pristine beach

Location & Accessibility

Bentota No1 is located south of Colombo on the south coast on paradise island. It is easily accessible by car or boat. Between the Bentota Beach Hotel and Avani Bentota Resort is a road to your right that leads onto paradise island. The property is 1.5 kms from this turn off and is a sandy drive along the beach. Accessible by car.

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