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Alankuda beach
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Alankuda beach/ Kalpitiya

Probably The Best
In Sri Lanka

Alankuda Beach

Our properties are on the pristine beach of Alankuda which is considered as one of the safest areas for swimming. An additional bonus is that you won’t be disturbed by touts and batik sellers unlike other tourist destinations. Swim alone on our paradise beach.

Located 110 kms north of the airport, Alankuda Beach offers you one of the calmest and safest seas in Sri Lanka due to it’s reef located approx. 4 kms out. This 2 km pristine beach is void of touts and batik sellers and makes for a great sunset stroll. The sunsets are stunning on most days and in the morning grab a sunbed by the pool or beach to indulge in a relaxing sunbathing experience. Enjoy the many water sports beach activities available such as snorkelling, sailing, water skiing, jet skiing etc or feel a little more adventurous and indulge in water borne excursions such as dolphin and whale watching, scuba diving, kite surfing, laser and catamaran sailing or even deep sea trolling to catch your own fish.

What makes Alankuda Beach special is its ‘away from all’ vibe. It's just what you need on a relaxing quiet holiday. The nights are cool with a north westerly wind in the season and the days hot and windy. Alankuda is best enjoyed during the season from the months of November to April. Located in the dry zone where humidity is at its lowest it makes for a comfortable windy day out on the beach or its many activities.  

Dolphin & Whale Watching in Alankuda

Stay in any one of our three properties and enjoy the facilities of all three.

Dolphin Beach Resort, Bar Reef Resort and Udekki belong to a family of three properties in Alankuda. Book your stay in any one of these properties and enjoy the facilities of all three. If you book on bed and breakfast you have a choice of three restaurants, three pools etc. Move freely from one property to another using the facilities and be billed only from the chosen property of stay.

Dolphin beach
Bar reef

Location & Accessibility

Our resorts are located approximately 110 kilometres North of the Bandaranaika International Airport. and about two and a half-hour drive. The nearest town is Kalpitiya which is 25 kilometres North of Alankuda.

Alankuda is ideal for

Nature Enthusiasts
Marine life & Mammals  
Historical Sites

in Kalpitiya


in Kalpitiya

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