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Waterfall Tour

In Nuwara eliya

Lovers leap waterfall

Probably the best known waterfall due to its close proximity to Nuwara Eliya. Its known as lovers leap because of legendary tale of a young couple whose parents objected to their relationship and this sadly ended with their leaping into this fall. To get to this fall you need to drive about 3 - 4 kms and trek for about thirty minutes. The fall has about a 35 meter drop. The walk is quite pleasant past tea plantations and countryside.

Glen Falls

Located 1.5 kms from Nuwara Eliya and in close proximity to lovers leap. This fall can only be enjoyed in the rainy season as it dries up.  It’s an ‘enjoy from a distance’ waterfall and is surrounded in greenery and tea plantations.

Bomburu Ella Falls

Located 23 kms from Nuwara Eliya about an hours drive is this waterfall reckoned to be one of the greats. You need to trek about 3 kms to reach it and it is considered a worthwhile effort as you get up close to this fall.